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On the same day provision was made for the support of the congregation by the Constitution "Romanum Decet".It assigned to Propaganda the (ring-tax) assessed on each newly appointed cardinal (500 gold scudi, later 600 silver scudi). of the same year was published the Constitution "Cum Inter Multiplices", and on 13 June, 1623, another Constitution, "Cum Nuper", both of which conferred on the congregation ample privileges and immunities in order to facilitate and accelerate its labours.The intrinsic importance of its duties and the extraordinary extent of its authority and of the territory under its jurisdiction have caused the cardinal prefect of Propaganda to be known as the "red pope".Its establishment at Rome in the seventeenth century was owing partly to the necessity of communicating with new countries then recently discovered, and partly to the new system of government by congregations adopted during the Counter-Reformation.the foundation of foreign seminaries, the printing of catechisms and similar works in many languages.

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Thus arose the seminary of the Propaganda known as the Collegium Urbanum, from the name of its founder, Urban VIII.

The reconquest for the Church of the lands severed from it was not of greater importance than the evangelization of the vast regions then being explored by courageous adventures.

America, Africa, the Far East, opened up new lands, new peoples, new conquests; the Church, conscious of her natural mission to evangelize the world, felt obliged to act and to act quickly, especially as Holland and England, while striving eagerly for commerce and colonial expansion, were also bent upon spreading everywhere the doctrines of Protestantism.

at Rome, the German, English, Greek, Maronite, Scots, and other colleges.

But he also saw that it was necessary to establish a central seminary for the missions where young ecclesiastics could be educated, not only for countries which had no national college but also for such as were endowed with such institutions.

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