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Which the surgeon was pretty excited about telling me as I woke up, along with how well it had gone.

I was a little surprised by how long it had taken, I’d been told about 4 hours.

It is definitely my most unexpected photography project.

I took them once I came out of hospital and I’ve added some of them below.

Which has got to be the single weirdest thing I have ever had done to me.

Briefly, while under x-ray they sent a small tube (in my hip) around my body it seemed.

My hair ended up in a horrible matted mess (blood from op) that stayed up on it’s own and nobody wanted to touch because of the post operative swelling!

They thought this a strange question too, apparently not a lot of people ask that.Beware of long hair when having surgery around the head area.Bad mistake, cut it off, go short for a while or at least don’t have it really long.And I have to admit that I was really nervous about having the operation.But it would have become life threatening so I had no choice.

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