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The organisations political impact is far reaching, both inside and outside the state.

The Political Environment But strategic political advances by COSATU take place in a political environment which is far from ideal: Heightened contestation for the soul of the movement, and control of the state, continues between progressive forces, on the one side, and remnants of the 1996 class project, and the new predator elite, on the other.

We therefore need to consider whether our current strategy is adequate, and what more, or different, can be done, to move the country onto a new political path.

Assessing the 2015 Plan It is nearly 10 years since COSATU adopted its landmark 2015 Plan at the 2003 Congress.

to voice the concerns of the poorest of the poor is not demagogy.

This contestation takes place at all levels of the state and movement.

This contestation results in constant political zigzagging between different positions, in the movement and state, leading to instability and conflict, instead of a coherent political project.

Demagogy refuses collective responsibility and collective discipline.

Sometimes demagogy masquerades as left militancy, but it is always, through and through, reactionary." COSATU`s Political Strategy The 2015 Plan states that the overall thrust of our political strategy is to "assert working class hegemony of society to counteract the entrenched power of capital.

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