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These children risk their lives in deep, unstable pits, suffer pain and ill-health from the hard work, and process gold with toxic mercury, which can cause lifelong illness and disability.

At the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, governments should pledge to protect human rights in global supply chains—and they should act on this pledge.

The Leaders’ Declaration should support mandatory rules on human rights safeguards for companies, building on models developed by the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.

Such “due diligence” rules should legally require companies to assess, prevent, mitigate, and remediate harmful human rights impacts of their actions.

The event is now named in honor of a long-time staunch support of the cable swim.

There is evidence of organizations similar to intermediate districts throughout the country dating back to the 1800’s, when most school districts were very small, rural and often isolated.

Additionally, high school students, physician's assistant surgical students, medical students, and general surgery residents all actively participate in the department's educational programs.

The responsibilities and role of the ISD have grown over the years in proportion to the needs of its constituents and in accordance with State and Federal requirements.

Companies should also be required to publicly disclose their suppliers and report on their human rights due diligence efforts.

In addition, governments should commit to promoting and protecting space for civil society, trade unions, whistle-blowers, and communities to expose and demand an end to human rights violations in the context of global supply chains.

G20 governments should make sure that their final G20 declaration—the Leaders’ Declaration—reflects these important commitments made by the labour ministers.

But the work does not end here; bolder action is needed.

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