Curriculum for excellence levels consolidating

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Read more in this week's newsletter The head of the 2011 ‘Gonski’ Review of School Funding, Dr David Gonski AM will look back at the exercise at a presentation hosted by the Australian College of Educators in Melbourne, May 21.

this week's newsletter TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) and the Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education (CIVTE) have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (Mo U) to establish an Australia China Centre for Skills Excellence.

Hospitals & Background Board of Directors Board of Directors Meetings Council of Governors Council of Governors Meetings Clinical Services Making a Difference Equality and Diversity A Teaching Trust Smoke Free Link Magazine Official Publications Our Charities Freedom of Information Working Together South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Modern Slavery Act Statement You can hear all about Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and our plans for the future by clicking on the video below.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s largest, busiest and most successful NHS foundation trusts.

We provide a full range of hospital and community services for people in Sheffield, as well as specialist care for patients from further afield.

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