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About halfway through a boat tour of Penn’s Cave, a natural cavern in central Pennsylvania, guide James Madonna turned off the spotlight he’d been using to illuminate our space.James expert­­­ly navigated the cavern’s many turns, perfectly positioning himself to lean over and flip switches to illuminate its several rooms, including one lit in a series of changing colors.This is the hope that is “the anchor of the soul” (Hebrews )???It would take a pretty wild, astonishing, and breathtaking hope to “overcome” the agony and trauma of this world. Here are some hot shots from a little trip to Vegas where myself and Daisy met up with hotwife Sara Jay and cutie teen babe Jayla Star.Both Daisy and Sara had their wicked way with Jayla before heading out for the night in Vegas to hunt for some cock.So much of the disheartening and devastation that the soul endures comes from misplaced hopes.Hope is one of your heart’s greatest treasures; it is a dangerous thing to let your hope go wandering.

If you’re looking to beat the crushing summertime heat, you can’t do much better than a deep, dark cavern.With the cave entrance quickly shrinking from view, it wasn’t hard to imagine what those early explorers must have felt.He used a spotlight that he could detach from the front of the boat to point out noteworthy stalagmites and stalactites.I’d forgotten all about the higher-than-90-degree temperatures about 75 feet above us.A few minutes before the tour began, I descended the 48 steps to the mouth of the cavern.

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