Dating a bipolar sufferer lil wayne and nicki minaj dating

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“One in four of us will experience a mental health problem each year, and by some estimates this rises to almost half of us across a lifetime.

So if the travel insurance market isn’t working for all these people, then it really isn’t working at all.

Ms Watson said she managed to find another company that was able to cover her for the condition for her trip to Spain, but required her to pay four times more money.

According to the Bipolar UK website, there are only five UK travel companies that cover bipolar disorder.

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“Someone else said they were quoted something like 2,070 per cent more when they mentioned a mental health condition. I can’t get back to them all because there are thousands.Travel insurance companies have been accused of discriminating against people with mental health problems after a young woman was refused cover when she revealed that she had bipolar disorder.Elizabeth Watson, 29, was told by the travel insurance provider Bupa that she could not be covered for a holiday to Spain, even if she paid a higher premium.Ms Watson said: “It’s great because if I can help make that change then I really want to. One in three people do suffer from a mental health condition and I think it should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.“I do understand that say if I had schizophrenia or psychosis then that might be deemed slightly more high risk, but if someone is suffering from just something like stress, which is also classed as a mental health condition, they are just being penalised.

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