Dating a blue collar worker

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The supervisor didn't pick up the phone that morning, so he left a message.In it, he said he planned to quit his job at Blue Apron later that day.Employees have reported being punched in the face, choked, groped, pushed, pulled, and even bitten by each other on the job, according to police reports.Employees recalled bomb scares, brandished kitchen knives, and talk of guns.

At least four arrests have been made due to violence on the premises, or threats of it.

He also said he planned to bring a gun to the warehouse and shoot his manager, as well as other people at the facility.

In two messages, he named three people specifically who he wanted to put bullets into when he got there.

This penalty came on top of ,050 following a forklift accident earlier in the year, giving Blue Apron the most OSHA violations in the fast-growing, billion meal-kit startup industry, and among the most in perishable prepared-food manufacturing in California.

(Like many companies, Blue Apron appealed these findings, and had some of its violation classifications downgraded to "general" or "other." One of its cases is still open.)Just after 4 p.m.

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