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The best thing about Catfight is that it offers a fairly unique and hard to find change of pace from many of the current crop of teen and young adult comedies. It also boasts performances from Heche and Oh which are not merely good but extraordinary.Also on the plus side, it moves from a clearly satirical base into one of the most bizarre and (arguably) violent little feuds ever filmed (in the history of the medium) between two female characters who, presumably, should know better."Adults behaving badly" ... No matter how bizarre the character, no matter how over-stretched the script and dialog, these two actresses are fully committed to their portrayals.The choreography of the outrageously extended fight scenes by stunt coordinator Balint Pinczehelyi is remarkable, with each successive appearance of exhaustion and surrender giving way to another flailing bout of punches and kicks, accompanied by amped-up visceral sound effects.Ashley staggers away from that first round while Veronica slips down a flight of stairs, sustaining head injuries that put her in a coma for two years.While she's reluctantly helping out cater-waiter Lisa by serving at a party for Stanley, Ashley encounters former college friend Veronica and the undercurrent of hostility between them instantly sets off sparks. " asks Veronica, giving some indication of why they fell out years ago.

This is not the usual hold-my-earrings, hair-pulling, bitch-slapping spat.

But it's as if writer-director Tukel is throwing down a gauntlet to the audience, testing our stamina to endure another fresh onslaught of punishment right along with Veronica and Ashley.

However, there also are moments of emotional insight into these fiercely unsympathetic characters that keep you watching.

While the broad political commentary is beyond obvious, the satire of ugly entitlement draws blood, thanks to balls-to-the-wall performances from the adversarial leading ladies.

From Krystle and Alexis on , the catfight has long been a delicious guilty pleasure in depictions of female rivalry taken to extremes.

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