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suffice to say, the elements of the job creep a little too much into the personality and the home life, and that's when I will take a pass.

Now, here I go making myself sound like an idiot-I actually just started dating a girl who thinks she wants to be a cop.

Two brothers who are firemen and a couple of paramedics round out the bunch, and we have all remained friends since high school. The handcuff thing is pretty tacky though, you know, you ARE addressing a woman you don't know and making sexual innuendo about them.

Not really in good taste in my opinion, if you don't know them.

I don't dislike police and appreciate what they do.

I just think that trying to live with someone who's duty it is to uphold and preserve every law would just be too much for me.

I tell him and either he's not into me anymore because he doesn't date cops or he thinks its an automatic "yeah so your gonna use those handcuffs on me tonight?

Lots of pressure to excel and lots of competition in the running for it, exams and certifications...She's got a ways to go before she becomes one, so I might be able to add a lot more insight to this discussion in a short time here :)Nope sure wouldnt sorry OP.Some of us see female cops as someone who likes being in control with egos to go with it, otherwise why be a cop, with higher paying jobs out there.Even some male officers are that way to so its not a gender thing.And b4 anyone starts blasting me its my hang up......

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