Dating a man who cheated on his wife

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The extravagant venue offers wedding packages starting at ,500 for 125 guests, but can fit as many as 200 guests.

The loved up pair posed up in front of a classic white Mercedes and a white Porsche Carrera convertible with the license plate 'BATHTUB'.

He started off as a financial analyst before deciding on a change in career and joined the police force.

According to a report from In Touch Weekly on Wednesday the police officer's wife, who they have not named, attacked Mel on Instagram in the days after learning of the affair.'You will never replace me,' she wrote on her Instagram to the America's Got Talent judge, after mocking Mel by posting a video with friends singing the Spice Girls hit 'Wannabe.'Mel has since blocked the wife, who taunted her again on Instagram with #oldspice under the caption 'when a spice girl blocks you on social media.'In Touch revealed last week that the cop was still married: 'His marital status is complicated and messy,' said a source.

Daily has learned that in fact Mel, 42, was told by the police officer - who is ten years her junior at 32 - that he is married shortly after they met.

The pair were introduced at the beginning of the year by a high-ranking Beverly Hills PD police officer with whom Mel is personal friends sources claim.

The news devastated Morgan, who had wondered why her new husband had been out a lot at night - believing it was due to a busy work schedule.

The good looking couple married less than a year ago in a fairy-tale wedding.

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