Dating advice for single christian women

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Sex can confuse things and sex can make you think that you are in love with someone when really you are just in lust.

You want a true connection with someone not just a connection that starts and ends in the bedroom.

I cannot tell you what you can and cannot do exactly because each person’s temperament is different.

Some people can hang out one on one and not have sex and someone people that once they are alone they cannot help themselves.

I appreciate the advice from a Christian perspective but as someone over 40, I find it hard to relate to others who have been married young and so do not know realistically what it is like to go decades without a spouse. Paul said it is better not to marry, and I can understand where he is coming from if you intentionally live with an attitude to make God a priority in your life. There is silence and time to reflect on what made the day great and what made it challenging and the only one to share my thoughts with is God.

I feel privileged to be in this position because I imagine those who have a spouse or are a parent don’t often have space and time to sit quietly with God.

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I have read a lot of articles on marriage and living the single Christian life.If you say, you want to be abstain from sex and then at every chance you get you “accidentally” sleep with a man, the man may sleep with you but really he is losing respect for you.He is thinking that you are telling him one thing but you are doing another.It is going to be hard to have a godly relationship with someone who does not believe in God.That is why it is important to have someone who is equally yoked with you (see my blog here).

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