Dating advice ignored

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What it is: This rule used to be incredibly important in a time when women did not have an option to work and have their own income.

While it’s really good for the guy to continue this tradition in modern relationships, it’s not a hard and fast rule. Men and women in relationships often have their own income now.

There are several “truths” about dating that have been passed along for generations.

Unfortunately, many of these tips are just old and simply do not apply to the modern world.

If so, you may want to take a hard look at what brought you to this stage of your relationship. If you have to play your entire conversation word to word, in your mind, do that!

If that helps in indentifying the cause of concern, then you can act on it.

Why it’s outdated: Any kind of hard time limit for anything in the dating world is arbitrary and can’t apply to every situation.

A better plan would be to spend time figuring out what you want in a new relationship and your own timeline for moving on from a past relationship.

Your boyfriend may not appreciate this approach, but if it gets you back on talking terms, you should give it a shot.In contrast, if you seem eager to date a potential match, they may be put off from you and withdraw their interest.Why it’s outdated: First, neither you nor your potential love interests are products valued on Wall Street.If your boyfriend is ignoring you, chances are that you have said something that may have not gone down well with him.You probably don’t have to do much now, except apologize for your mistake and try to cheer him up!

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