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Police officers have paid numerous visits to Clyde Gateway to interview the managers involved.A spokesperson for Police ­Scotland said: "We can confirm that Police Scotland has received a complaint relative to the purchase of land in South Lanarkshire [under which the address falls].So why did Clyde Gateway pay £2.8m for a site that had been valued by DM Hall at £762,000?According to the agency, it was persuaded of the £2.1m valuation because it was given evidence from Strathcroft that the site was receiving rent from tenants amounting to £207,000.The source said: "£2.1m is a crazy price to pay ...Based on the sizes stated, this is approximately £10 per sqft as a combined office and industrial rent.That summer he informed the bank through his solicitors, Miller Beckett & Jackson, that he was in the process of selling five sites: 110, 210, 260 and 278 Glasgow Road plus 64 Roslea Drive in Dennistoun to the north.

That's the question facing Clyde Gateway this weekend.The rest were transferred to other companies under Pelosi's control, ensuring he retained control of sites worth £1.65m.As Lord Malcolm concluded in court: "Strathcroft, on the direction of Mr Pelosi senior, paid the bank monies which were designed to, and did persuade the bank to discharge the [mortgages] over the five properties, all in order to facilitate the subsequent gratuitous sales.Operating under several ­different names between the 1820 and the late 1960s, the plant was for many years the UK's biggest producer of chromates, which are used in everything from paint pigments to chrome plating.Unfortunately, the work came with a waste by-product called hexavalent chromium, which anyone who has seen the film Erin Brockovich will tell you does very nasty things to anyone who comes into contact with it.

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