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In Russian usually using to name a person who is well educated, well mannered, clever, considerate, gentle, decent and faithful.

Russians will usually use the word "clever" to call what English speaking people call "intelligent".

Girls and women have more freedom to express them-selves in larger cities, and are more approachable. Great majority of other countries in the world are “divided” between their few big cities on one side, and many towns and villages on the other side (the mentality in a metropolis is very different from the mentality in a small town or village).

For example, some values and social standards that are accepted in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other big cities in US are not even tolerated in some rural parts of United States. These ladies are very proud of their heritage and even thought they may live, or even be born, in other countries they consider themselves Armenian.

For example, Armenia was the very first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion (in the year of 301).

Therefore, it is no surprise that great majority of Armenians believe in God and practice their religion.

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It should be noted that over 90% of Armenians practice their faith of Christianity.

Armenia is the land of rich history and culture, gorgeous women, hospitable people, delicious food and beautiful landscapes.

Armenians have been around for a long time and their rich culture is impressive, to say the least.

Armenian women are devoted wives, hard-workers, intelligent, brave, proud, and they take great care of their children.

They are also very feminine, and do their best to look good.

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