Dating and marriage customs in thailand

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She gave me a tearful goodbye and I returned to the US.

For the next several months we talked daily by telephone. As the date approached I had the nervous flutters one would expect of someone going half way around the world to marry into a different culture. This time Nat was allowed to meet me when the plane arrived at midnight. When we arrived in Chiang Mai the next day I met relatives who had begun arriving from several provinces and Malaysia.

It’s not just one ring set but rings, a bracelet, necklace and ear rings. The gold of my wedding band is much softer than the alloyed gold in the US because of this degree of purity.

After the two weeks had ended I returned to my home in Florida.

On this trip she was not allowed to meet me at the airport in Bangkok. We followed tradition and performed the ceremony for her mother and grandmother. We visited the OTOP market where I admired the wood carvings and other crafts sold by the local merchants.

Since my flight got in at midnight local time it would be another day before I would finally see her in person. We also visited several temples including the beautiful temple on the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai.

When I practiced homecare nursing I would buy food for needy clients who had none. While we still have our own beliefs, we respect the beliefs of the other.

While a certain level of material possessions are desirable, we can both be happy with a modest existence. Being separated half a world apart during the early phase of our romance was probably good. It allowed us time to know one another.

Cries from the guests who would accompany me to the building pierced the air.

On November 21, 2004 I married my Thai sweetheart, Nat. We met online, a taboo which is a fast fading in Thailand.

Despite our cultural differences, I am an American who grew up in the South; we found it easy to be with each other. The vegetarian diet was our initial common interest.

After the guests had climbed the stairs and were seated, a traditional northern Thai ceremony began. The owner of the restaurant acted as the leader of the ceremony.

The room where this ceremony was held was ornately decorated. He was also in costume began the ceremony. The ceremony started with the leader speaking in Thai to the guests. Following his opening remarks, two women began negotiations with the women holding the sugarcane and banana plant.

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