Dating argus cameras

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Rangefinder focusing became common in the 1950s and remained popular until being largely replaced by the fourth focusing method, autofocus which begin with the Konica C35 AF in November 1977.

When set to the A setting, you have to slide down the big button on your left hand side before operating the shutter release on top.The view through this viewfinder or window can hence be slightly different from the image that hits the film.The cameras are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer and then generally by date for each manufacturer. - Silette has a lengthy discussion of the various designs over the years.These cameras would be great for teaching a basic film photography class.Price should be in the to range for a working model. After shooting the camera you push a little knob on the top to the left, turn knob on bottom a quarter turn and release the knob and continue to advance film until it stops. My Flickr album for Argus A photos https:// There is are excellent resources on the web for information about the Argus Model A cameras by Hrad Kuzyk.

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