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In Great Britain food rationing was the managed by the Ministry of Food.

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41) "[In Richmond VA] By February 1863 the price of flour had more than doubled. The stock of A, B, and C Refined Coffee Sugars have become exhausted. Salt was an especially precious commodity because in times preceding modern refrigeration, it was used for food curing and preservation.

Go to: Historical Abstracts of the US Colonial Times to 1970, select Part 1 (zip). Tavern keepers were even required in some areas to distinguish between a "good" meal and a "common" one.

Select CT1970p1-08Chapter G: "Consumer Income & Expenditures." Skip to page 302 "Consumer Expenditure Patterns," where you find definitions and sources. See also Cummings [1817-1930] [1890-1970] Basic commodities (go to page 213): average retail prices of flour, bread, round steak, pork chops, bacon, butter, eggs, milk (delivered), oranges, potatoes, tomatoes (canned), Navy beans, coffee, margarine & sugar, reported by the federal government. However, whatever the quality of the food served, the proprietor was allowed to charge a predetermined price...

Dishes, in some cases, were passed communally and not available as individual portions...

The Indian King in Philadelphia...offered "a regular ordinary every Day, of the very best provisions and well dressed at 12d a head...'...

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