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They may feel like they don’t fit in with the culture around them, and that there’s something inherently abnormal about being sober during the holidays. Yes, many people drink heavily, or drink casually during the holidays, but not everybody does.

Many people who don’t even have a problem with alcohol or drugs stay sober on holidays because they don’t enjoy drinking and don’t care to get drunk.

So the question becomes, how can the newly sober person enjoy a holiday like St. Here are some tricks and tips that can help Tip #1: Avoid parties that will be a trigger. There are the ones where alcohol is included, but it is not the focus of the party itself.

Guests may casually drink a few drinks, but it is not the type of environment that is acceptable for heavy drinking.

Meetings are available throughout the holidays since holidays can often be a trigger for the addict or alcoholic.

If one must attend a drinking party because they’ve made an obligation to, bring a sober friend along to provide support and comradery. Many times those in Alcoholics Anonymous will throw fun St.When a newly sober person has to get through a holiday like St.Patrick’s Day, they often feel completely isolated from the rest of the world.If the newly sober person is in their twenties or early thirties, they often think that everyone else is going out and getting drunk and having a great time with friends. Many people don’t enjoy participating in that type of lifestyle, and purposely stay away from it. Tip #5: Recall the reasons for getting sober in the first place.When a lot of people are getting drunk during the holidays, it is easy to romanticize drinking and forget the way it actually affected the recovering addict or alcoholic.

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