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Unable to understand the witnesses that claimed he had been incorporated by a spirit and had performed more than fifty healings when he passed out one day, John of God sought protection from the director of the center as his experiences as a spirit medium began to unfold.

After an intense period of spiritual instruction and guidance from the spiritual entities that incorporate in his body, he gave himself over to his experience of healing and serving others, practicing his healing work discretely and occasionally suffering persecution or imprisonment for it.

welcomes thousands of visitors each year to his center, the Casa de Dom Inácio, in Brazil.

John of God was born in 1942 in the village of Cachoeira da Fumaca and experienced a difficult childhood, leaving school after only two years to apprentice in his father’s tailor shop in order to help support his struggling family.

In March 2013 I was blessed to travel to Toronto, Ontario to be with his energy. She is my connection and I love and appreciate her.

He is able to incorporate many different spirits including St.

There are different lines that one goes through whether you have been there before or not and if you are having an intervention or not. This could be Intervention to resolve a current physical ailment, Intervention to affect your energy in order to resolve a future health problem or Intervention to clear some spiritual issue that is affecting your life and your mission. She is a Goddess Healing Coach, Mind-Body-Spirit Reiki Practitioner, bestselling author, and inspirational speaker who has healed from cancer and now shares her story.

In Pirates’ modern-era history, Krol has stayed longer than any other, including Kosta Papic.Teacher: Ron Young’s work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the Nature of Reality, and the outcome of many thousands of hours of guided spiritual development by his Teachers and the Grace of Spirit.Additionally, for Ron, the work remains a full and continuous immersion–the result of many years of unceasing service with those seeking guidance, healing, and creative visioning.Only one of these Entities can incorporate in the physical body of John of God at any given time, but there are many others that are giving their time and energy to the work during a Casa session and beyond.Some of the rules are: The Entities request that all participants wear white clothing to the sessions at the Casa.

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