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I packed up my tools and saw the bodies being taken away.

A small Lorenbahn wagon on rails was used leading to an area farther away.

Its official German name was SS-Sonderkommando Sobibór. At the postwar trial against the former SS personnel of Sobibór, held in Hagen two decades into the Cold War, Professor Wolfgang Scheffler estimated the number of murdered Jews totalled a minimum of 250,000.

The district was intended to become an agricultural centre of the General Plan East, inhabited by the ethnic German "colonists" brought by Heim ins Reich into the Empire.The Jewesses had to undress in a clearing in the woods near the gas chamber.They were herded into the gas chamber by the above-mentioned SS members and Ukrainian volunteers.On Wirth's orders, he acquired a heavy gasoline engine in Lemberg, disassembled from an armoured vehicle or a tractor.It was a minimum of 200 horsepower, V-shaped, 8 cylinder, water-cooled motor, identical to the one at Bełżec.

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