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Blessed with a great sense of humour, a generous heart and an unrivalled sense of patriotism, Punjabis are quite delightful.

This is not to say Sindhis aren’t, and no, I am not Punjabi, I just know that Punjabis are just as great.

We also maintain a hign standard with the users that join our site.

We vet out users indiviually to see if they are the right fit for us.

They will laugh at themselves, laugh at you, laugh at life and make sure you laugh too!

It’s like their personal mission in life is to see their beau laugh with them – and to make that happen, they would go to the length of making fun of themselves too!

Here are 12 enticing reasons why you should be dating a Punjabi right now!

Occasion or no occasion, these guys don’t need an excuse to bring out their dancing shoes.

So, here we bring to you 10 most wonderful restaurants in Amritsar to take your lovely kudi out on a memorable date.But if you are going to a relatively boring wedding with that special-Punjabi-someone, you can be sure to have a blast. Punjabis generally enjoy having a laid back life – not too ambitious – but when it comes to making bahanas – there’s no match to their creativity.If they are sleepy and you wake them up for work, stay far away from the bed, because if you are anywhere close to it, they will convince you to come lie down and go to sleep too!And if you don’t know how to shake-it, they will be happy to teach you. Whether you are out for dinner, have come over to meet the family or are on a vacation with your Punjabi beau, they will take care of you like you are their personal responsibility.They will make you are part of their family even before you enter the door, and when it comes to expressing their love, generous is an understatement.

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