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The fact that these two elements are present leads to some tonally jarring moments, and being so silly severely dents the credibility of the story's bad guys.None of the films manage to combine these discrepancies perfectly, and none are classic movies, but as one whole story they're an impressive and influential piece of filmmaking that utilised and created a whole lot of love on both sides of the camera.Death isn't just relegated to the background; it's dealt out at regular intervals and makes an impact.While there is spectacle in these movies, it usually involves Death Eater attacks on unmanned architecture (Death Eaters are obsessed with this.Nonetheless, you still get the sense that they have a grip on their characters (the look of withering scorn Hermione gives Ron after he says 'This is light?' for example), and compared with the one-line extras in the Leaky Cauldron they're practically Meryl Streep.Shorn of exposition duties, the script is able to lighten up.

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Here then, in reverse order, is how I rank the films...

Let's address a curse of the child actor: seeing your entire teenage years unfolding onscreen, and knowing that the best you could do at that age was going to be preserved forever.

Overall though, this is the only film where it's hugely noticeable, where you can work out the punctuation in the script from the pauses they leave.

Eventually Ron comes back with everything that they need because otherwise this film would be nine hours long.

Things start picking up again, but by then even the beautifully animated Deathly Hallows tale isn’t enough to counteract the slog that is the middle of the film.

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