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• France's HR Wants 3 Christian Public Holidays Cut (L'usine nouvelle-Paris) France's association of Human Resources Managers (ANDRH) has proposed the cancellation of 3 of France's annual Christian public holidays in an effort to promote diversity in the workplace.

• France Armistice Public Holiday Amended (Le Figaro-Paris) France's National Assembly have overwhelmingly voted to approve a law which would amend the November 11 annual Armistice non-working public holiday into a public holiday commemorating France's dead in all past conflicts.

You are therefore advised to verify the above dates with the embassy or consulate of France, before planning any trip to France.

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Muslim and Hindu) annual non-working public holidays.

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• France's Parliament To Debate May 9th Public Holiday (AFP Le Figaro) France's Prime Minister, Franois Fillon, recently indicated that Parliament would consider making May 9th an annual public holiday in France (most likely replacing the current May 8th public holiday).Note however, that permissions, even within the 5 Sundays a year limit, are not automatic, and in fact some municipalities systematically refuse to grant such derogations to Whit Monday was no longer recognized as one of the public holidays as of 2005, to help fund health care for elderly persons following the high number of elderly deaths during the heat wave of the summer of 2003.However, it returned to the list of French public holidays starting in 2008.• France Recognizes Shavuot As An Official Holiday (EJP-European Jewish Press) The Jewish festival of Shavuot has been added to the Journal Officiel (the government's gazette).This does not mean that Shavuot festival will become a general public holiday in France, but as the festival falls in May or June annually (at the time of school final exams) Jewish students will now be allowed to take exams at different dates.

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