Dating kp st miss z

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The charge of the ion is shown next to the letter identifying it.( K1 sample confirmed the presence of C16:0 fatty acids, glycerol, Kdo, and Neu Ac.Lyso-phosphatidylglycerol (lyso-PG) was detected together with an unanticipated poly-Kdo linker.As expected, each species contained one or more Neu Ac residues from the CPS.

The composition of the acyl chain is in parentheses and the number of Kdo and Neu Ac residues in each ion is indicated.Biosynthesis of these CPSs occurs at the cytoplasmic (inner) membrane, before its export to the periplasm by the system-defining ABC transporter (comprising proteins Kps M and Kps T in nomenclature) (3, 4).Translocation of CPS from the periplasm to the cell surface requires the periplasmic and outer-membrane proteins Kps E and Kps D.The hydrophobic products from these enzyme digests were purified and analyzed by mass spectrometry (MS).The liquid chromatography (LC)-MS spectrum of the ).

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