Dating married men support group

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“I went to Christopher Street and to Fire Island in the late ’70s,” Fox says. And one of the things that really influenced me was this book called , which had just the most awful chapter on homosexuality. It painted this depraved lifestyle, and at 14, I said, ‘That’s not what I want for my life.’ Some of the wildness of the ’70s, in my mind, confirmed that.” Fox later met his wife, revealing his attraction to men on their second date. During the interceding 22 years, as societal attitudes concerning homosexuality began to change, so, too, did Fox’s own stereotypes and perceptions of what it meant to be gay.This led to his decision to separate from his wife and live as an openly gay man, although the couple is still legally married.It lasted 20 years until Kearsley, then in the Navy, was abroad in Germany, where he visited a bathhouse.It reignited feelings long since suppressed — and Kearsley wanted to act on them.

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“There’s no other place a man who’s been in a marriage for 20 years can go to, and meet with men who understand what he’s been through, his story, and have similar experiences of their own that they can talk about.” Fox, 58, of North Bethesda, knew he was attracted to men at 14 — before the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association had revised their classifications of homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Just weeks before seeing , Kearsley’s son, searching for cufflinks, found some condoms in a dresser drawer.

He asked why his father would need them, since he had previously had a vasectomy.

“But that movie triggered some honest conversation….

There’s a scene where they meet up for the first time after a couple of years, and his wife sees them kissing. I think that was the trigger.” Kearsley, 65, had his first same-sex experience at 14, but due to his conservative, Catholic upbringing, considered his actions sinful.

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