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John finds himself on the couch sucking face with the young woman after watching a romantic comedy. He thinks about them kissing, smiles, and drifts off to sleep. They head into the city for a concert with his friends. First — like our character, John — we become infatuated.

“I like you so much,” he whispers, breathing hot passion into her ear. When they arrive John makes a round of introductions. The guy or girl we’re dating is AMAZEBALLZZZZ and can do no wrong.

ohn is your average senior in college or newly minted young professional.

One evening he joins his friends at a local pub, and bumps into a pretty, young woman, spilling her drink.

Steven Pressfield once wrote to those struggling in their artistic craft about the reasons behind resistance.“I’m…I’m not quite sure what you mean,” he tells her. John tries to reassure her by placing a hand on her shoulder. ”When she finally turns around John can see the beginning of tears creeping around the corner of her eyes.“I just..” she trails off for a moment wiping at a tear. Later, while waiting for the concert to begin, Becca tells a funny story from John’s childhood. Talk to me.”She whirls and jams a finger in his chest. Due to the newness of the relationship, however, we continue to overlook them.Often we can believe these are minor minefields to navigate on the radar of relationships. All the flaws and shortcomings are on display and you either stick it out, delude yourself, or break up.or some kind of anecdote about someone trying to “get with” more than one sister.Currently, Khloe is dating athlete Tristan Thompson and Kylie is with hiphop artist Travis Scott. He said, ‘I want to have kids with you, [and] if you get pregnant, you could make maternity jeans for [your clothing line] Good American …

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