Dating midwestern farmer

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The format was wildly successful, and the chain had grown from 585 stores in 1913 to more than 4500 stores by 1920, and to over 15,000 stores all over the east coast and Midwest by 1930.

In the early 1930ss, the first California stores were opened, adding some credibility to the company name.

Between 19, A&P halved its number of stores (to just over 6000) while increasing its sales by more than half.

By 1949, the store count was down to just over 4500, while sales had skyrocketed.

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Some new stores were being constructed during this period.

Results were mixed, and when Kmart threatened a trademark infringement lawsuit, the project was largely abandoned.

The next was WEO (for “Warehouse Economy Outlet”), a deep-discount warehouse format.

To celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary in 1959, the red brick cupola-ed “Centennial” prototype was unveiled.

Much like Safeway’s “Marina” prototype the same year, this store design would define the company for years to come.

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