Dating moldava woman occasional lover

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She does not want to provide her lover with the emotional benefit of an ongoing loving relationship in which they are constantly connected.Such connection demands much energy and resources, and these are bound to hurt her partner and consequently ruin their togetherness."So I'll be your friend And I'll be your lover Cause, I know in our hearts we agree We don't have to be one or the other Oh no, we could be both to each other." (Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson) In my last post, I discussed the relationship of friendship with (sexual) benefits.Now I will turn to discuss the associated relationship of lovers with (emotional) benefits; the benefits here include caring and friendship that continues between the lovers' occasional meetings.

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The relationship of both friends and lovers with benefits are at the same time a compromise and a way of coping with that compromise.

Yolanda knows that she does not want to spend her whole life together with her lover-since she loves her husband and kids and her lover is too old to be a life-long partner for her.

Hence, unlike Russell, she does not want her lover to limit his activities with his spouse, but she does want to upgrade his involvement with her.

Second-best options are a way of coping with the circumstances of compromise.

The relationship is less than that of genuine love, but more than mere friendship or an occasional affair.

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