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After the cameras focused on Hanks, Wilson (well, “a Wilson” at any rate) was thrown at the star.

Hanks seemed happy to be reunited with his volleyball co-star, excitedly declaring: “It's Wilson!

But the star also had a more personal connection to one particular model, which belonged to his late father.

“My dad’s Underwood, bought used just after the war for his single year at USC, had some keys so worn out by his punishing fingers that they were misshapen and blank,” the actor wrote in a 2013 New York Times article. I sent it to a shop for what was meant to be only a cleaning, but it came back with all the keys replaced.

The year I turned 20, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and became so ill, he had to lean on me to walk.

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Somehow my mother had found the money to go to Durfee's, the store where all the rich people shopped.

Even though I lost him too soon, I am so grateful to have had him for my daddy." —Reader Marilee Burgeson, San Marcos, California Illustration: Hye Jin Chung "When I turned 4 years old, my parents gave me a teddy bear who somehow ended up with the name Stinky-Brownie.

(Okay, it's not a mystery why we called him that: He was brown, and I wouldn't let him out of my clutches long enough for my mother to wash him, so..stank.

I loved to rest my head against her side and feel her voice resonating through her ribs.

It seemed to me like I was putting my ear to an instrument being played—a cello, deep and soothing." —Kathy Bates, actress starring, most recently, in the TV show American Horror Story: Hotel Change of Dress "My parents had very little money, and I didn't expect to get a new outfit for my high school graduation.

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