Dating postcards postage

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Possibly the most important development of the Pioneer Period was the general rise of the middle class though an expanding industrial economy.This provided a receptive audience for the marketing of imagery, first in the form of small card photographs and scrap, then trade cards, reward cards, and onto exhibition and souvenir cards.Innovations in photography took this process from the exclusivity of the artist and brought it to the amateur.

Its importance lay in that it marked a celebration through a personal ritual rather than the public holidays that dominated society.Postcards became instrumental in attracting customers over long distances and allowed these stores to grow.A great number of cards were made apart from advertising to notify potential clients that a salesman would be calling on them.Although there was much scientific discovery and practical advancement in this period, it was also a time of many economic ups and downs, and certain elements needed to create a true postcard revolution remained absent.The Lipman card soon inspired a new type of privately printed card that ran concurrent with the issuance of government postals.

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