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19, during a “Face to Face” Worldwide Young Single Adult Event.

Hosted by students at the Logan, Utah, Institute of Religion and emanating live from the Morgan Theater at Utah State University, the 90-minute question-and-answer session was carried to hundreds of thousands of locations in Church institutes and other venues across the world via internet feed on the Church’s website, Facebook page and You Tube channel.

When I say clutter I’m talking about all the technology that is available, all the things that can take your mind away from those quiet moments when you get the prompting that you’re seeking as you go through life.” “Keep a smile on your face! “This is a question we wrestle with all of our lives,” Elder Oaks responded.

“It’s well to remember that the scriptures teach us that inspiration comes in the ‘still, small voice.’ It doesn’t come in the urgent impulses of doing what we want to do or reaching out in bias for a confirmation to our personal opinion.” Elder Ballard added, “My counsel would be to be sure your own life is being lived in such a way that you can receive these promptings.

How can I differentiate between the Holy Ghost and my own thoughts and feelings?

Eliza Lin, a Utah State University student and a Church convert of just two months, and Mitchell Kimball, a Brigham Young University student and a Spanish-speaking returned missionary who interpreted the questions coming from the groups in Mexico and Peru.

Russell Ballard answer questions from young single adults worldwide during a Face to Face event hosted by students at the Logan, Utah, Institute of Religion.

In the process of that, those who have same gender attraction are God’s children; He loves them; there’s a place for them and for all of our Father’s children regardless of what their circumstances may be.

“The Church is a place of refuge, a place to come and find peace, the answers to life’s questions.

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