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An upbeat song that represents our upbeat, fun-loving Australian lifestyle. Loved Marc Hunter and was devastated when he passed. Was such a good song to dance to while we were at clubs. Doc was amazing, the entire crowd sang along and our ears would ring well into the next day from the loudness of the music. Run to paradise by the Choirboys it's special to me because it takes me back to the good old days traveling around Australia with my mates in my old Datsun with an old tape deck we kept rewinding this song & playing it over & over while making lifetime memories. I really enjoy hearing this song since I was little right up until now. Daddy Cool was always a part of those special times and never failed to get the crowd up and dancing and everyone having the time of their life. I lived in Auckland at the time and Jon was doing a concert at the town hall.

It's part of our Aussie history, that we remember through Aussie Rock. I have grown up with this song as my Dad played it over and over when we'd go out in the car. When they performed Eagle Rock the theatre erupted April Sun in Cuba. Am I ever gonna see your face again, brings back so many happy memories of nights out with my now husband seeing the Angels playing regular gigs at the Newcastle Workers Club pre earthquake. Listening to classic rock songs while enjoying a drink or two with friends will always bring a smile to my face when I think about it.As of many others I recognize on the titles in the list above. Brings back alot of memories from growing up with my siblings we'd all sing as loud as we could was it was my mothers favourite its still good as AFL's Westcoast Eagles play it on game day and you guessed it i'm a one eyed Eagles Fan!!! Its a song I rocked (and rolled) too back in my day at one of their concerts! its an epic Australian song that makes me recall the amazing night every time I hear it .Eagle rock is a great Australian rock song as i used to sneak mums daddy cool cd into my room and listen to that song and that song only when i was a little bit younger and danced to it and also scratched the cd out by playing one song The nips are getting bigger - Mental As Anything. Think i even have a hand bag with their signatures on it lol I believe that Russell Morris' Van Diemen's Land song is the ultimate Great Australian Rock song.It has stood the test of time which makes it the ultimate Australian rock song. And currently a middle aged woman wondering where my wrinkle-free face went and am I ever gonna see it again..... The Church The Unguarded Moment, takes me back to my youth when a relationship lasted a few weeks and we had so many "unguarded moments" they also came to my high school and played at our year 10 farewell (so long ago), we where lucky enough to have their promoter as one of the dadsi think horror movie is the best song ever as its meaning is so true still in this day because everyone goes on about violence in movies and games as the problem with society but even if you get rid of the movies and games they will still see violence on the news. reminds me of the fun times in my youth and how this song became an Aussie icon.This song gets people singing and it's an instant crowd pleaser... The ultimate great Australian rock song is 'Flame Trees' by Cold Chisel.

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