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Prostitution is legal here but organized prostitution like pimping is not.

So you can Google ‘escorts in Puerto Vallarta’ and not have to worry about any sort of police set up.

Expect to pay anywhere from maybe 500 pesos to 2000 pesos depending on how hot the girl is and how long you want her to stay.

This e Book guide helps break down the best places for a single guy to visit and enjoy the Mexico nightlife.

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In a place like this you are going to see prostitutes all over the city.Do it at your hotel, or meet her in a public place near her place if she only wants incall.You can google ‘escorts in Puerto Vallarta’ or ‘hookers in Puerto Vallarta’ and plenty of stuff will pop up.Try and do a Skype chat with her or see her Facebook to confirm she really is the girl from her photos.The bait and switch technique is one that will always be used in the sex trade.

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