Dating samoa

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By equating the sanctuary with the concept of , a fresh understanding of resource protection and management emerges, one which can have vital cultural and environmental significance.

NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa place a high value on partnerships with sanctuary communities and maintain great respect for .

Birds that can be found at the National Park of American Samoa include the Pacific pigeon, the wattled honeyeater, the Samoan starling, the Tahiti petrel, the multi-colored fruit dove, and the spotless crane.

The water surrounding the island of the National Park of American Samoa is populated with more than 250 coral species, 950 fish species, and a variety of other marine life that includes sea turtles and whales.

The traditional communal lifestyle revolves around the , who manage the communal economy, protect and distribute family lands, are responsible for the welfare of all in their aiga, and represent the family in councils.

The Samoan people are very proud of their unique cultural heritage and they have been able to effectively maintain their traditional way of life.

In 1979, the legislature revised the criminal code so that consensual sodomy was no longer illegal, unless it involved public acts, prostitution, minors or people unable to give consent due to mental defect. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in American Samoa since 1980.

The island Tutuila in the National Park of American Samoa is located at the park's north end.

The first criminal law against sodomy was enacted in 1963.

The law made sodomy illegal for gay male couples and straight couples, but did not address sex between lesbian couples.

He said he hoped to establish the territory's position clearly in order to avoid lawsuits like those in the mainland United States.

Many supporters of the bill cited their Christian faith as their reason for supporting his proposal.

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