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The Governor of Svalbard acts as chief of police for Svalbard.Norwegian police officers do not carry firearms, but keep their Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns and Heckler & Koch P30 pistols locked down in the patrol cars.

The sheriffs were originally subordinate to the sysselmann, but from the 14th century they instead became subordinate to the bailiff (fogd) and the number of sheriffs increased.In the cities the police authority was transferred directly to the bailiff.By the mid-17th century there were between 300 and 350 sheriffs.However, the individual bailiff were not removed from office until their natural retirement, leaving some bailiwick in place until 1919.The reform eliminated the difference between the rural and city police forces; yet the sheriffs were only subordinate to the chief of police in police matters—in civil matters and administration they remained under the county governors.

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