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While the law criminalizes the recruitment of labor by force, it does not clearly criminalize using fraud or coercion to compel a person to labor.

The government states that acts such as transporting, transferring, or receiving someone for the purpose of forced labor are implicitly criminalized under article 227 paragraph 3 of the penal code.

Ten of the 37 convicted traffickers received only fines.When prosecuting child sex trafficking cases that do not meet the conditions of this act, the government frequently relies upon the 1947 Child Welfare Act, which broadly criminalizes harming a child—to include causing a child to commit an obscene act, delivering a child to another knowing that the other is likely to cause the child to commit such an act, or keeping a child with the intent of causing a child to commit an act harmful to the child.The Child Welfare Act prescribes sentences of up to 10 years imprisonment, fines, or both for causing a child to commit an obscene act, or up to three years imprisonment, fines, or both for other acts.Article 226-2 of the penal code criminalizes the buying and selling of human beings for profit or indecency, and prescribes a maximum sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment.It also criminalizes buying and selling a person for the purpose of transporting him or her across international borders, and prescribes a penalty that ranges from two years to 20 years imprisonment.

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