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There's so much to see, to learn, and to experience and it would better to experience it all with someone. There will always be one of you who likes it more it seems. People frequently come on WB with concerns about hiking alone. Once they get on the trail, there are plenty of others and friendships will naturally develop.

A more important aspect of the relationship might be how well you respect and support each other's differences. Instead of looking on a dating site, I think the best way to connect is to involve yourself in the activity you're interested in. My observation is that a person with purpose (a trail to hike, a song to learn, a tightrope to walk, ....) attracts in a more positive way than a person who is waiting for the right companion before committing to a purpose. That passion will attract people who enjoy doing what you do. I probably shouldn't respond as it is really off subject to the OPs question. That is, this time of year the wife will look over at me and ask, with irritation, "is it hiking season yet?

:-) Are there any resources out there that can help single hikers meet?

Match dot com is worthless in terms of meeting people who really are into hiking/backpacking at the level I enjoy (intent to through hike the AT.) I am aware of Meetup, but unfortunately I work rotating shifts and am unable to participate in my local hiking group's outings because I never know my work schedule far enough in advance (they book up more than a month out.) Still, backpacking (and perhaps an AT through hike) is something I want to share with someone special and cannot imagine ever being with someone who doesn't have a passion for the trail.

Was genuinely only looking for a hiking buddy but seem to have found a soulmate, lover, best friend and mad hiking partner too - quite literally the best £5 I'll ever spend.

Note from a single guy who's been using "traditional" online dating sites to meet a lady hiker for far too long...without success, in terms of actually meeting someone who "really hikes." :-) And, evidently "camping" means RVing..really camping.

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Additional categories exist on however for mountaineering, scrambling and climbing as these go beyond normal hillwalking.Outdoor Duo works as both a walking club where you can meet single friends or a traditional dating site where you can meet walking dates.You can browse the Invitations pages for a flavour of the walking meets that happen almost every weekend, and the Pictures pages to see what Members get up to. To receive safe and secure messages you will need to Log in.I see all these couples that have relatively little in common, always fighting, and just can't imagine ever going down that road.Just trying to come up with options or see how others couples met through their love of backpacking. Louis, looking to find someone who understands this whole active lifestyle/backpacking thing that so many of us here enjoy. I met someone who is new to back packing and wants me to show her what I know. On the other hand it might be unrealistic to expect a romantic partner to have the same love of hiking you do.

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