Dating someone in a wheelchair

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The average person gets a little confused when they find themselves attracted to someone in a wheelchair.Not everybody feels this way, but it is the most common response.

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Unless of course you're planning a date and accessibility needs to be discussed.

A good way to differentiate yourself from these people is to always flash a flirty smile so we know you're not another gawker. I've encountered some really offensive people who say they "like me," yet show they have no respect for me by making it very clear they think they're my romantic savior because of my "limited options." If you want to offend someone in a wheelchair real quick, this is how to do it.

Many of us are just as picky as you because we have to be. When putting the moves on, a compliment can be one of the best pick-up lines.

Asking the person details regarding their disability should eventually happen but it should wait until the second date at least. As a woman who's used a wheelchair through her "best-looking" years (and hopefully many more to come) - teens, twenties and now thirties - I've personally experienced many painful attempts of men trying to hit on me.

Some don't hit on me and are too shy and look away.

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