Dating someone on the rebound

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There are few studies examining the phenomenon of the rebound relationship, its general positive and negative effects, and when and for whom it's a good or bad idea.

In the absence of such research, we're left with this question (which we need to ask ourselves despite science anyway): Is this situation good for me?

In honor of National Singles Week this month, Bounce is assessing a question you might be facing if you're newly single: To rebound or not to rebound?

Rebound relationships tend to have a bad reputation.

In that way, rebound relationships can be a form of "self medication" that's hard to quit.

It's vital to your overall healing and peace of mind, though, to consider why you're in a new relationship so soon and how it's affecting you.

But, if your sense of worth was badly damaged by your previous relationship and you're relying on you new relationship to fix that, be careful.If after an honest evaluation of your new relationship you determine that it's not good for you, it takes self-control to avoid it or walk away.Dating and/or sex with a new person create chemical reactions in the brain that are similar to those created by powerful, illicit drugs (more on that in a future article).If so, think about any fears you might associate with not being in a relationship. For example, some chronic rebounders seek nurturing exclusively from outside sources.A healthy relationship does involve both parties nurturing each other, but it's essential that we're able on some level to nurture ourselves.

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