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It’s apparently a classic story from the pre-Viagra, pre-Cialis age: man in a brothel needs a little help with erectile firmness, so one of the ladies whacks his bum with the birch while the other tends to his business.

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They don’t have a pure spanking site, but a lot of their BDSM channels include spanking, caning, and whipping.

See Also: Whatever Our Heroine did to piss off this basement full of nuns, she’s clearly paying for it with more of her ass than she expected.

But the ropes on that birching bench mean that she’s not getting out of this punishment until those nuns have whipped away all of their outrage: Artwork is by M.

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“Regardless of whether someone experienced child abuse or not, spanking alone was predictive of dating violence,” he said.Many factors besides spanking can add to dating violence, the university noted, including mental health, substance abuse and attitudes toward women.Still, the study's authors emphasize corporal punishment a possible risk factor for such violence."Corporal punishment is communicating to children that violence is an acceptable means of changing behavior," Temple said.Spankings and other forms of physical punishment remained "associated significantly with physical dating violence perpetration," the study found.The study adds to a mountain of evidence showing the negative effects of spanking, a practice still strongly embraced in the United States.

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