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A female nudist at the resort offered that 'this is a simple case of penis envy.

They won’t admit it, but a lot of the men at this resort are threatened by the size of his penis.'” I was at first very concerned that someone was pulling my leg on this story, so I asked my source, Janice, if she had a photo of this young man who she referred to as Ed.

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Because of the newsletter I frequently received letters and phone calls from people with naturist related stories.

The polaroid had not prepared me for the sight of this ungodly organ in the flesh.

Ed was literally hung like a horse, his flaccid penis possessing a length, girth and meatiness far beyond any penis I'd ever seen (and I'd been a practicing naturist for a decade at that point and visited more than 30 naturist resorts).

I too found this an interesting journalistic angle and arranged for my wife and I to visit the resort.

We decided that we would attempt to meet Ed and his family before making the journalistic nature of our visit known to the resort management.

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