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In particular, uchastkovyi should personally know each and every ex-convict, substance abuser, young hooligan etc.

in given uchastok, and visit them regularly for preemptive influence.

Militsiya personnel ranks mostly follow those of the Army – from private (Rus: ryadovoy), which is the lowest rank, to colonel general – with only these exceptions: there are no ranks of Army General and Marshal.

Detectives (Russian: operativnik short for operativniy rabotnik) hold a rank of lieutenant at least and could be promoted to major or the lieutenant colonel. Militsiya personnel carry firearms, but are not permitted to carry their weapons when they are off duty.

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The official names of particular militsiya bodies and services in post-Soviet countries are usually very complicated, hence the use of the short term militsiya. Ment is a close equivalent to the English slang term "cop" and has derived from the Lwów dialect.The cities, as well as the rural settlements are divided into uchastoks (Russian: , "quarters") with a special uchastkovyi militsioner ("quarter policeman"), assigned to each.The main duty of uchastkovyi is to maintain close relations with the residents of his quarter and gather information among them.Although such ministers are members of their respective countries' cabinet, they usually do not report to the prime minister and parliament, but only to the president.Local militsiya departments are subordinated to their regional departments, having little accountability before local authorities.

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