Dating tips aquarius girl

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While the mysterious Virgo may hold your interest for a while, eventually the relationship is likely to runs its course.Probably the most successful love connection, Aquarius and the Libra man are compatible both intellectually and physically.Astrology Advice While friendships may be easily cultivated, a long-term relationship can be hard to come by for the Aquarius woman.Aquarians tend to shy away from convention and commitment.Airy Aquarius should avoid love matches with Earthy Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and tread carefully with Cancer and Gemini. A psychic is a great resource for Aquarians who are having trouble finding true love connections.

However, because you both shy from intimacy, it may be difficult to establish a deeper connection once the lust has worn off.

Unconventional and free-spirited Aquarius has little in common with traditional Taurus, who craves commitment and security.

This opposites-attract scenario makes things interesting at first, but the excitement quickly fades when the relationship becomes too much work.

If you can find a way around this, a Gemini can make a great partner and perfect playmate.

This is a rare and incompatible pairing that can be smothering for the Aquarius woman and toxic for the insecure Cancer man.

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