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We all know that certain niches yield high returns while others simply squeak out a profit. Both men and women share in the desire to find good and lasting relationships and information on how to meet the opposite sex - and both are spending to find it!

You might think that women would be doing the majority of searches, but it's not so.

It's pretty clear by those numbers that dating programs and products would bring a lot of profits to your table.

According to Google Trends, every day close to 139,000 people search for "Dating", and that translates to over 4 million searches each month!

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No marriage or relationship is without problems, the trick is to work at remaining focused and committed when these problems hit.The fact is that women are really not that complicated..."How to Woo a Woman" examins the various areas of individual concern, fitness, wellness, the mind, body and soul and the development of good health practices.necessary for the whole wellness of the individual. Do you feel that you deserve to be with the girl of your dreams, but it just hasn't happened? Millions of people search online either for marriage/relationship advice or for the purpose of finding a partner.When a marriage hits the rocks, one of the easiest situations to find yourself in is having an affair!

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