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With a bye week looming, their coach had decided to give them a few days off as a reward for last night's stellar effort. "As long as you follow the rule." "I know mom..." he said as he finished the last of his cereal. A school full of teenagers were fantasizing about her? "..some of them like to go into graphic detail..." "What do they say? She did her best to conceal her overwhelming excitement from him. She had to since her husband didn't want anything to do with her physically anymore.

They had planned on going out to get a bite to eat on a Wednesday night.And while her son and husband were eating pizza, tacos, or Chinese for dinner, she was going to be having baked chicken and mixed vegetables.Jen also joined the local gym that her son went to the following morning.But he was going off to college soon, having been accepted on a scholarship to a university several hours away just like his friends. "Mother I'd like to fuck..." Jen grinned, scrolling down the page to see numerous x-rated links. It was titled "hottest milf videos" and led to a porn website.So it was just going to be Jen and her husband all alone in less than a year. " Dan asked his mom, wondering why she wasn't getting ready like she usually did at this time. "I fucking knew it was Mike" she said to herself as she clicked on the link.

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