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During the Victorian era, social opinion shifted radically towards the promotion of cosmetics, and women were known to spend a majority of their day occupied with beauty regimens.Great efforts were made to create the illusion of long, dark eyelashes.If it's not canon but fans ship it, see One True Threesome.If it's just sex, not full-on relationships, see Three-Way Sex. If one partner receives preferential treatment over the others, then the former is Top Wife and the latter are a Supporting Harem count.Though real life polyamorists try to disassociate these two as the word "polygamy" has some messy implications.For more details and some Real Life tidbits, visit Useful Notes On Polyamory.The product that people would recognize as mascara today did not develop until the 19th century.A chemist named Eugène Rimmel developed a cosmetic using the newly invented petroleum jelly.

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The difference between a polyamorist and a swinger is that a polyamorous person has broad-spectrum involvement in their partners' lives, including love.This typically lacks any drama of the decision itself, but has a different form of drama in how people make arrangements with each other, manage jealousy and households, and deal with the disapproval of society as a whole.Individuals who identify as polyamorous may consider themselves "Ethical Sluts".Following the fall of the Roman Empire, kohl fell into disuse on the European continent, where it had been considered solely a cosmetic; conversely, it continued to be widely used in the Middle East for religious purposes.Makeup was considered unsightly and uncouth in Western culture until the Victorian era.

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