Dating why is it so hard

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At the same time, we barely know each other, she has a boyfriend, she's far away, or some other barrier exists.

In light of this barrier, I know she's not thinking about me like I'm thinking of her. For awhile I actually believed that every woman who gave me her number would call me back.

Is it just me or does it seem like half the people on Tinder and Bumble are looking for polyamorous relationships?

If that’s your thing go for it, but make it clear from the start to avoid awkward situations with those of us who are still looking for Mr and Mrs Right!

With enough disappointments, our youthful positivity turns into "I can see that it's a lie."Growing up, all the times I thought love was coming my way, I was somehow let down. There have been enough letdowns that I no longer expect things to work out.

Cheating and abuse are examples of big events that contribute to shying away from dating. There are, however, small letdowns that are not only barbs that poke at your emotional well-being, but they are also annoying. After enough of these types of letdowns, you might start to lose your faith in dating: There's often a girl I'm thinking about: What it would be like to take her on dates, or even marry her.

Do you agree the things above happen much more often than having it actually work out?

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Anything good that happens will be a pleasant surprise. What little letdowns in dating make you lose faith?

Some people find it easy to fall in love, others not so much.

We tend to fall in love with people who meet a certain criteria in our mind.

And that’s if you even get asked to go out on a date in the first date.

Instead us girls get asked to “hang out” as if it’s clear what that’s supposed to mean.

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