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The need arose after the invention of the telephone and more so of radiotelephony for means to correctly identify letters and words sent by these equipments.

Lists of words were devised which were incorrectly called - For Payment by VISA, MASTERCARD or (BANKCARD - Aust./ NZ only) the following details must be provided.

& WORLD TIMES & CALENDAR Contact SARC for best Internet Connect. (Jan 2000) His postings continue to be listed here and by Fuat Baran at Columbia, USA., ; as listed herein are not truly phonetic as they do not describe the sounding of the letters represented. That is, they want to regain their pride more than they actually want to be with the guy in question.I've had a number of women even tell me (after taking a moment to think about it) that the guy they want back so badly is nothing like the man they imagine themselves marrying.Então, vamos lá a ver uma coisa..ele não precisa de dinheiro, porque raio anda à procura de posters com a Tagus para a Tagus?Simplesmente porque um dia, numa das suas festas, conheceu um senhor chamado Luís que lhe ofereceu como contrapartida ter sempre Tagus fresquinhas nas suas festas. Um dia ainda o vamos ver com outra Dília ou com uma marca de cerveja só sua.

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