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I feel terrible about feeling sorry for myself because this is a problem almost everyone would be envious to have, but I am very lonely.

Dear Good Problem: Here are the problems I see in your letter that get in the way of dating success. The wealth didn’t make you less so, it just made it manifest differently.

“” The biggest thing for me is to feel like my partner pays attention. He remembers when I’ve got something important going on and wishes me luck beforehand and asks me how it went afterward.

He pays attention to things I like to eat & read, etc. He lets me know things he likes and gives me the opportunity to return the favor.

Back when I was a poor student, I never thought this would be an issue, but it is.

I believed that money would solve all my problems with being awkward and feeling inferior and not being able to get laid, and it did help with a lot of those things.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding women who like me for me and not my wealth.And it’s okay to take them somewhere swanky if you think you’ll both enjoy it.Early stages of dating are all about figuring out how you feel and looking for reciprocity and signs of caring and trust in the other person.He introduces me to his people and makes the effort to meet and get to know mine.He tells me honestly what’s on his mind, even if it’s messy and vulnerable, and doesn’t try to present some picture-perfect facade. We seek out, support, and encourage each other’s creative efforts. You have to find a way to like yourself better and trust that your time and attention are enough for the right person.

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